May 2nd, 2016- Seddon, Australia

Where does the time go? Downriver I suppose. To oceans, vast and salted. Water, undisposed. Where does the time go? Over the cliff I guess. Falling towards patterned reflection. Running towards happiness. Where does the time go darling? Five years it’s been overnight. Where does the time go my love? Like picket fences passing by. The years…

Prisoners- April 29th, 2016

It’s hard to have a meaningful conversation in the suburbs. All the prisoners trapped in their metal boxes, Being transported from one cell to the next. Hyper-aware of the other unknown prisoners Passing them left and right Wondering if the other’s life is better than their own.

April 18th, 2016- Footscray Australia

Riding through these streets, I’ll record the words that come to mind, Following that white line. That red flashing light. Turning to the left: Gone forever. The passing words fly by, like each board on the fence post. Stacked in line by design. Waiting for that moment when someone looks inside and sees the point….